Thursday, February 21, 2013

Uh Baptism

    I am trying to catch up the Blog, so make sure you read all the last 6 posts, we have had a busy week and this is my first chance to catch up. Hope you enjoy our week as much as we did.
     We had several Baptisms while Pres. & Sis. Mecham were here. Twina & Twine (which is further back on the blog) and the UH baptism. Two young men from the Epina family were baptized, these are cousins to Marleen Epina who is serving a mission in Alabama. Now there are 5 members of the church in her family, instead of her and her 2 brothers only. And the rest of her family or at least most of them are being taught the Gospel.
    We go to the Epina's for Family Home Evening most weeks, and on average there are about 30 - 40 people that come on the weeks we are there. Marleen may be in Alabama (and hopefully soon Australia , but she is doing missionary work here too. Her family is listening to the Gospel because of the example she set by going on a mission. They all want to know what was so important that she would leave her family and go half-way around the world to tell others about it.
Elder Bunn & Peter

Elder Bourne, Stony, Elder Bunn, Peter, Pres. Alex

Walking back after the Baptism

Waiting and Watching

The Baptismal group, with Sis. Epina( Marleen's Mom, not YET baptized,)
and I think her uncle

A helping hand out of the "Font"

Walking to the Baptism

Elder Bourne & Stony

     I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is true and it is so humbling to see the light come into others eyes as they gain that same testimony.

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