Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Pictures of our Saturday, for your enjoyment

Our wake up

Preparing Breakfast and the food for the day

Old WWII Bridge

Some of the Jungle Vines, Tarzan could really swing on these

Watching the Baptism from above

Meagan Jonathan's little brother, he was burned severely and hopefully will
get to go to Hawii to the Shriners Hospital and have
some restorative surgery this year.

I  B   Polite, yes that is his name

Cesar & Roxanne

A quiet moment

The local "Bath Tub" on Saturday night

You gotta love the transportation here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of a tired UH Branch, on the ride home

The pictures just do not do justice to the beauty here, of the people and the surroundings, at the end of the day, Are we Tired?,  YES, but is it worth it?   YES, YES, YES

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