Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monthly Firesides

     We decided to start something new with our Institute and Young Adults on the Island.  Many that were attending Institute are not this semester, because they are done with school or preparing to leave on missions, so we wanted to take Institute to them, but time wise, we can not do a separate institute class each week in each branch. So we prayed and pondered what to do, so these young adults still felt a part of things and we got our answer in Firesides. We started Firesides in each branch. Every branch will have a fireside once each month. Most Sundays, we will do 2 Firesides, one after church and one in the evening and 2 of the branches are going to have theirs on Tuesdays.
    Well we started this week and so far we have had a great response. Kolonia Branch was Sunday evening and we had 5 in attendance, which was great, we know that as the word gets out, more will come.  UH branch had theirs on Tuesday and we had 18 in attendance, about 3 or 4 were non-members, who have been coming to activities and are now being taught by the Elders.
    This next Sunday will be Sapwalap at 1:00 and Sekerra at 6:30. Hopefully they will be excited to come.
UH Branch Fireside, at the beginning

UH Branch fireside, at the end, when you bring out the cake
everyone comes !!!!!!!!!
     We do have to give a BIG THANK YOU to Elder Bunn, we finished our fireside in UH and were loading up the car to head home, it was late and we had about a 30 minute drive and we noticed we had a flat tire. Well Elder Bunn, jumped right in to help and in no time at all we had the tire changed and were on our way. Thank You to Elder Bunn.

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