Tuesday, February 26, 2013

9 Baptisms

   We had 9 baptisms for the Island tonight. 1 in Uh, 1 in Kitti, 1 in Nett, 2 in Kolonia, & 4 in Sapwalap.
    First we were off to the UH Baptism, there baptism was at 12:00 noon, it started at 1:00, Island time. Debra Rodriguez is 14 and is  part of the Epina clan.
   As soon as we were done there, we headed to Kitti, about a 50 minute drive away, there baptism was suppose to start at 3:00, but it started at 3:50. Dayleen was baptized there.
    Both UH and Kitti baptism were in the rivers.
Then we were off to Sapwalap another hour drive away, we were a little early, so we stopped at a place called Jed's for a quick bite and then went to the baptism.
    At Sapwalap, McKaye James (9 year old boy) was baptized along with, Meicy Hadley, Erine Elies, & Merlyeen Henry (we got to go to her wedding 2 weeks ago).
    The spirit was so strong at all the Baptisms.
Elder Madill, Debra, and her family

Dayleen & Elder Petersen

Debra & Elder Madill

Elder Madill & Debra

Dayleen & Elder Petersen

Elder Vause & Elder Petersen

Meryleen & I


Maicy, Erleen, Meryleen

Sis. Varea, Sis Fatomgia & soon to be Sis. Seimon

     We were not able to get to the Nett or the Kolonia baptism, we just could not be in 3 places at once, hopefully, someone will get us pictures of those also, so we can post them on the blog, but until then, enjoy our wonderful Saturday.

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