Wednesday, February 13, 2013

District Meeting

   We had a great district meeting today. Elder Cook is our new District leader, and he did a great object lesson. We were all blind folded at first and had to sit and listen to music while we waited for our turn. Then we were led into the church and our blind fold was taken off  and then we had to follow this path where we were reminded of all the struggles we have as missionaries, at each stop we had to pick up a chair and carry it to the next stop, where there would be another struggle listed and we would pick up another chair. We did this 5 times, so we had 5 chairs and then we had to carry them down this long hallway, through obstacle, until we got to a room where there was a picture of Christ and a big sign that said "we can not do this a lone, we have to have help, lay your burdens at His feet" We then laid down our chairs and picked up a piece of paper and wrote a letter to the Savior. It was great and really brought the spirit.
Elder Cook, our new District leader

Elder Vause, our newest missionary

Sis. Varea & Elder Rice

Elder LeFevre, Elder Holt, Elder Petersen, Elder Vause, Elder Lyman

Elder Lyman, Elder Peterson, Sis. Kjar

Sis. Kjar, Elder Kjar, Yuri ( our little missionary from Chuuk,
 she is with us for a week , while we do Visa stuff for her) & Meagan

Yuri, Meagan, Sis. Beutler

Elder Davis(Zone Leader)

Elder Rice, Elder Hanson, & Elder Davis

Yuri, Meagan, Sis. Beutler, & Sis. Varea

Elder LeFevre, Elder Holt, Elder Petersen

Elder Rice & Elder Hanson

Elder Petersen, Elder Vause, Elder Lyman, & Elder Peterson

Our AMAZING Zone leaders
Elder Davie & Elder Madill

Elder Cook
Good Job, Elder Cook

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