Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Once in a lifetime blessing for our priesthood leaders

     Today all our Priesthood Leaders, our District Presidency, and all our Branch Presidents, left the Island for a trip to Guam.
     Elder Nelson is visiting Guam, along with Elder Ringwood and other general authorities and because the training was to be done on Guam, all of our Branch Presidents and District Presidency got to go to Guam for the training.
      For all of our leaders, this will be the first time, and probably the only time, they will ever be in the same country, let alone, room as an Apostle of the Lord. And to be able to shake his hand, and meet him is a dream come true for these great brethren.
      For some this is the first time they have ever left the Island, so they were a little nervous, but so excited and full of the spirit, that they couldn't hardly wait.
Checking In

Paying the Airport Tax

Pres. Agrippa

Pres. Hadley, Pres. Ramon, Pres. Kalio, Pres. Malarma

Pres. Redes

Pres. Makaya, Pres. Redes, Pres. Ramon, Pres. Kalio,
Pres. Alex,  Pres. Malarma

Top Row:  Pres. Hemon(Dist. Pres.), Pres. Makaya(Sapwalap),
Pres. Conrad(Kitti), Pres. Redes(Mand), Pres. Ongesel (Palikir)
Pres. Ramon (Kolonia), Pres. Kalio (1st Counselor  Dist),
Bottom Row:  Pres. Agrippa (Sekerra), Pres. Alex(UH),
Pres. Malarma (Nett), Pres. Hadley (2nd Counselor District)

Pres. Ongesel with his granddaughter, kiara

What GREAT leaders we have.

A Lot of Branch members came to see their Branch Pres. Off

     We went to the airport to see them all off and got some great pictures of them. What a great spirit was at that Airport, and that has to be the safest plane in the world today, for all the great priesthood leaders that were on it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It gives me chills to see all of that priesthood together. You can feel their goodness just looking at them.