Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pahn Takai Waterfall

     Yesterday was my Birthday, I turned 56, I am now twins with my sister Lynette for 1 month and 1 day. wow, Lynny, who ever thought we would get this old?  Boy, how must my Mom & Dad and older brothers and sisters feel????????
Pahn Takai Waterfall

From underneath part of it

Nature's Shower

Our 2nd group, the first group started hiking in before
everyone got there.

The Hike begins

Pres. Ongesil, branch Pres. Palikir Branch

Sandra Kalio

Sis. Ongesil


Pres. & Sis. Ongesil, our helpers
Wilson & Alfonso

Joni, Meagan, Francisca, & Sandra
having a nice shower

Little Girl along the trail

Lolain, Michelle, Hermina & Jessica

Erica, Meagan, A.J. & Sis. Ongesil

Sam, June, & Terrance

Awalt, Loni, Tasha & Lavon
     Well I had a great Birthday.  It started out with a Hike to the Pahn Takai Waterfall, with our Young Adults. What a beautiful sight and what a fun day. We all hiked into the Waterfall and played and ate lunch and just had a fun relaxing day. It was fun to interact with our Young Adults, talking, laughing, helping one another, in fact, if it weren't for LeeRoy Kalio, I might not be writing this Blog. There were some really treacherous places we had to walk through on the hike and I slipped and LeeRoy was right there to grab my arm and help me. He then continued to walk out with Sis. Ongesil and I until we were safely back on the flat ground. Thank You LeeRoy. All the young adults helped each other and we all were tried, but it was a great kind of tired at the end of the day.

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