Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Football Ever ( At least that is what we were told)

Always start with Prayer

Then a combined Team Picture

Or 2

or 3

This is a Football

This is what you do with a Football

This is how you catch a football

Did you get that?

O.K. lets try it out

What is this again? ( remember, a lot of people don't have T.V.)

Now, what do you do with this again?

The first Huddle

Who said this game was just for Boys?

What a great game !!!!!!!!1
     We had a fun morning yesterday ( Nov.3, 2012),  the Sekerra Branch & the Palikir Branch young men had never played football. So the Elders in those branches, together with the Priesthood leaders decided to have a combined activity, with both branches, and teach the young men ( and a few young women) how to play football. Of course this is done in preparation for the 1st ever "Turkey Bowl" to be held between Pohnpeins and Missionaries. ( we are hopeful to get permission). and if not, it was a great day and a great tradition to start on the Island. All had fun, all were invited, it was a great fellow shipping activity for both branches. Enjoy the pictures.

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