Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us on the Island of Pohnpei, in the Micronesia Guam Mission

     Our Thanksgiving is just ending and yours is just beginning, So right now I am thinking of 3 places I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. My Home in Heaven, My home in Utah & my home in Micronesia.
     I want to let all you parents, sons & daughters, brothers & sisters, grandparents, friends, etc. all who follow this blog because you have a loved one serving on the Island of Pohnpei, in the Micronesia Guam Mission, That your loved ones had a wonderful Thanksgiving, They miss you, and all are a little homesick right now, as we start through this special time of year. But all are also strong, and working hard to brings Gods children back to Him.
    So I am going to get sentimental for a moment,( o.k. kids, you can stop reading and go straight to the pictures now if you want to.) I want to say the things that I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving, my first, so far away from the people I love and miss.
     First, I am Thankful and will ever be indebted to my Father in Heaven, His patience, kindness, forgiveness & love, that He gives me, even when I don't deserve it.
     Second, I am grateful for His Son, My Eldest Brother, my Savior, My King, and the only way I can ever go home again. Jesus Christ, for His atoning sacrifice for me, I hope one day that He will say to me "Well done"
     Third, His Gospel, and His Church, of which I have the opportunity to bear witness to its truthfulness each day.
     4th,   My Testimony
     5th,    My sweet, amazing, eternal companion, Alan, he is so patient with me and has always and will always be my example, on earth, of the things I should be doing.
     6.  My wonderful children, all 8 of them, whether my birth, or marriage, I love you all as my own. thank You for loving me.
      7. My 6 little grandchildren, how I love them and how my heart misses them. ( not that I don't miss my kids, but hey, these are my grand kids and grandma is allowed to love and miss them) They are the light of my life.
      8 Both Alan's and my parents and brothers & sisters. Thank You for being patient with us and forgiving us when we need forgiving.
      9. I am thankful for the amazing missionaries I have the privilege of serving with. To you Moms and Dads of these Elders & Sisters. WOW, what a great job you have done. Your sons and daughters continue to amaze me each day. they are strong, they are true, they love the Lord and His children here on Pohnpei. They are the best of the best. You can be very proud of them. Thank you for raising such fine men and women.
   10. I am grateful for everything, all the things I can't name, my whole life, trials, triumphs. I continue to learn each day.

Getting ready to serve dinner

Yes, we did make pies, about 10 different kinds

Ready, Set, Eat

Sisters First

Every Man or Women for herself

Elder Eyre

Elder Ashcraft

Elder Cole

Elder Bunn

Sister Fatongia

Sister Varea

Sister Beautler

Sister Varea

Elder Peterson

Elder Bourne

Elder Madill

Elder Gasu

Elder Davis

Sister Kjar

Elder Kjar

Sister Vincent

Elder Vincent

Elder Hansen

Elder Lyman

Elder Petersen

Elder Lyman

Elder Petersen
 So enjoy the pictures of our Thanksgiving Dinner, and please know that your sons & daughters, Moms & Dads love all of you, and Thank You for supporting us.

                                     HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE

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