Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sister Salaiau finally gets to go home

The Varea Sisters, with Sister Salaiau in the background

A group of young women from Kolonia Branch, come to say Goodbye
Sese, Tashia, Sis. Salaiau, Sassa, Joni, and 2 younger girls

Mama Serina

Mama Serina & Sis. Kjar

Mama Serina & me

Finally a Visa

Elder & Sister Kjar and Sis. Salaiau

Us & Sis. Salaiau

The Sr. Sisters and Sis. Salaiau

Part of the Kalio Family & Sis. Salaiau
   Sis. Salaiau was suppose to go home about 2 weeks ago, but when she got to the airport to check in, she found her Visa had expired, so she could not fly into the United States and the only way home was through the United States. She lives in Papa New Guinea and the only flights to there come either out of Guam or Hawaii  so no matter what, she had to get a new Visa before they would let her go home. Well after a lot of hard work, and back and forth to the Embassy, we finally got her a new Visa, and then, the travel dept, couldn't get her a flight, because it was to close to the Holiday and everyone was trying to get home and the planes were all full. Well after a lot of praying, Sis. Salaiau finally got to go home. We love her and will miss her.

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