Sunday, November 25, 2012

15 Baptisms in one week

       In the past the Holidays, Thanksgiving & Christmas have been really slow times for missionary  work here. but, this year, Pres. Mecham, our mission President, gave us all a challenge to not let down, but to work even harder during the Holidays. So all the missionaries have been working really hard and this week alone on our Island we had 15 baptisms. Once we get the totals for the whole month, I think we may break the old record of 15 baptisms for a month. We did not get pictures of all the new members, simply because we couldn't get to all the baptisms, but we got more then half.

         The Mand Branch has struggled for years, they have not had a lot of Baptisms for years, but they got a new Branch Pres., Pres. Redes, and he has done miracles for this little branch, and Elder Cole and Elder Ashcraft have also done miracles for this branch. Today, they had 7 baptisms, they were suppose to have 10, but one young mans, mom would not give permission, and the other 2 still needed to work on a few things. So here are the Mand Baptisms.

O.K., lets see if I get all the names right
Michelle James ( a new Young Adult), Elder Cole, Jesse Sailas, Jordan Sailas, Keven Delosantos, Kmiko Delosantos
Merlyn Andon, Johnson Sailas, & Elder Ashcraft

Merlyn Andon and her 2 children, Kmiko & Kevin

Jesse, Johnson & Jordan Sailas
Hopefully, their Mom will be baptized in the next week or so

Michelle James
She is one of our Young Adults, she was coming to activities before she was baptised

Have you ever seen 2 more Happy Missionaries?
Elder Ashcraft & Elder Cole

A Helping hand into the waters of Baptism
Our Truck Load of Nett Branch
            Then we had baptisms in Sapwalap & Uh Branches, They had 5 total, Sapwalap had 2 convert baptisms and 2, 8 year olds and Uh had 1 convert baptism. We were not able to attend those Baptisms because we also had baptisms for Nett & Sekerra at about the same time and these 4 branches are on opposite sides of the Island and we had to get home to get Sam's truck(Sam is off Island) so we could pick up the Nett Branch and baptismal candidates and get them to the Baptism, so we went straight from Mand to Nett. 

Elder Eyre with his baptisms

All the Baptismal Candidates from Nett & Sekerra and there friends and family

It's a great day for White Clothing

We were able to get pictures of the Uh Baptism. Take a look below.
The Uh Baptism, Elder Madill, Marsha, her family & Elder Lyman

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  1. Hurray for Israel. What a difference you are making in the lives of these wonderful people.