Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Kalio's get ready to leave for missions

     With 5 Kalio's leaving for missions in the next month, they had a party for them. We ate food, sang songs, listened to testimonies, gave hugs and then said goodbye, for now.
Sis. Sulee, me & Daisy

The family and friends gather

Leeroy & Layven

Sis. Kalio, me, Sis Sulee, Nono Roro with Leeroy

Leeroy & Dad

Leeroy and us

Putting on his suit for the 2nd time

Leeroy and sister Nayleen(she just returned from a mission)

Leeroy, with his twim, Leavaughn and older brother Layven,
Leevaughn, Layven and sister Sandra leave in month

Leeroy and Jeanette (she plans to go on a mission as soon as she has been a member long enough)

Leeroy and mom

Dad, Leeroy, Mom

Dad, Jeanette, Leeroy, Mom

See you in 2 years, Elder Kalio
( so hard to imagine we won't be here when all of them come home,
Makes me cry)

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