Sunday, September 8, 2013


Darney's Funeral
 Last week ended on a very sad note, last Sunday (Sept 1) just as we were getting ready to leave for Church we received a phone call from Elder Holt. One of our young adults had died. We left right away and went over to the families, and they were preparing Darney for burial (they have to do this themselves, no such thing as funeral homes here. And they have to bury them right away, because they do not in-balm here)
    Darney was a great young man, getting ready to graduate from High School this year, preparing for a mission when he graduated, and he was accidentally killed from rat poison.
  Darney lived in Pohnrockeit, with his grandparents, Bro & Sis Tim, They had  a problem with rats getting into there food, so they had put out rat poison. The rats ate it and then got into the food before they died and left droppings in the food, Darney ate the food and did not know that it had been poisoned by the rats. He got sick Saturday and by about 1 a.m. or so, he was gone.
Graveside Dedication

Because they live in such poor circumstances, he was buried in a borrowed grave. The neighbors, opened up one of their tombs and they put Darney's body on top of the other body already in the tomb.

It was a really sad day for us. Why do I share this in such detail, because this is life here. We live, We die. We all return to that God who gave each of us life. May we all be as prepared to do that as Darney was.

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