Thursday, September 12, 2013

Missionaries, Missionaries, Missionaries

     This post is just for all you Mom's and Dad's out there who are missing your kids, a maybe worry a little. They are doing great, we love them, they are a great blessing to Pohnpei.  Here are some pictures, just for you. Taken yesterday (Thursday, Sept 12 at a Zone Mtg)  The only one's missing are Elder Gardner & Elder Matalolo. They were late and by the time they came, I had already left, to take care of some things.
Elder Bourne, Elder Hanson, Elder Petersen, Elder Barrus, Elder Holt

Elder Madill, did not want his picture taken

Elder Bunn & Elder Lyman

Sis Orrocks & Sis Roberts

Sis Ma'a & Sis Fatongia

Sis Beutler & Sis Komra

Elder Nanson

Elder Cook & Elder Leeworthy

Elder Afualo

Sis Ioane & Sis Havea

Elder Tupua

Elder Petersen

Elder Petersen & Elder Kim

Elder Bunn, Elder Lyman, Elder Hanson

Elder Johnson

Elder Vause

Elder Bourne & Elder Vause

Elder Hanson & Elder Barrus, The Dynamic duel 

Elder Rice

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