Sunday, September 8, 2013

Steve & Juliet

     What started out as a really hard week, with the death of Darney, ended with a sweet baptism. We have been working with Steve and Juliet, with the Rohi Elders, Elder Lyman & Elder Leeworthy, for a long time. Mostly our part has been with FHE's with them and the whole family. Steve has been the one that was not ready, but Juliet has been ready for a long time.
    Well, the great day came on Saturday. Steve was baptized by Elder Lyman and Juliet ask Elder LeFevre to baptize her. It was a sweet experience. Elder LeFevre even said the baptismal prayer in Pohnpein.
Juliet can't wait

Juliet and Steve

Elder Lyman, Steve, Juliet & Elder LeFevre

The whole family

Elder LeFevre & Juliet

Steve & Elder Lyman

I love this lady, Juliet

After the baptism, Rockson & Elder Leeworthy had to do a stick pull

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