Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday, Elder LeFevre

     Then came Monday, Sept 2, 1 day before Sept 3, of course, and what is so special about Sept 3, well Elder LeFevre turned 60. Yep, the big guy, is officially Old. Here they call him an "ol lout" in fact, as sad as it is, most people out here die in their 60's. That is the average death rate out here.
    Well, we went to Jovania's, Julia's & Maggie's, in Nett for family home evening and they  had a great evening planned for us. We arrived and we sang songs, and Jovania and Julia gave the lessons ( 1 for the kids and one for the rest of us), and then we got the cake out ( I made the cake, I knew they could not afford it) and they made banana turnovers for Elder LeFevre ( yep, Elder Davis, just like the ones the Chunn family use to make, but better). The great thing about banana turnovers is they taste just like a homemade apple pie, when you eat them for the first time, you always ask, where did you get apples? and they always laugh and say those are banana's. ( any of you missionaries out there know what I am talking about)
Then they all presented him with a flower lay and sang Happy Birthday to him.
    Then came Tuesday, Sept 3, and it was a regular day. Take care of mission business, go and to Institute in UH. Where we took Birthday  cake. We had a great day, great work got done, great cake was eaten, and we came home very tired and slept well.
    And then to top off the day, one of our young adults that got married, Ririnda Alexander, had her baby, on Elder LeFevre's birthday. So to honor him, they asked him to give her a name and a blessing in Church. Her name is Dara Alexander. and she is a cutie.
The new Sis. LeFevre, she is cuter than the old one

The Elders came, Elder Ashcraft & Elder Nanson

Jovania, taught the kids about Jesus, it was sweet

Happy Birthday, Elder LeFevre

Meet Dara Alexander, born Sept 3

Dara, since we can't hold our little Eliane yet, we will
have to hold Dara for a moment

we saw a beautiful waterfall

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