Friday, April 27, 2012

Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Ringwood

     We had Zone Conference and it was wonderful.  We started it off with attending a Humanitarian event.  The Church donated sewing machines and fishing supplies to one of the schools on the Island. We were able to be there at the Presentation of the items.
     Then off we went to the Kolonia Chapel to hear from our Mission President and his wife. Pres. and Sis. Mecham. and also to hear from Elder and Sister Ringwood.
       Sis. Mecham talked first and she gave a short, but amazing talk.  She talked about all the rain we get out here and how rain is life out here. Then she shared an analogy about missionary work and the rain. She said many times in Missionary work, We are the Rain. The rain comes and waters the vegetation and things grow and then they are harvested, but the rain never sees the harvest.  We are like that as missionaries, we come into peoples lives and teach them the Gospel, and many times, like the rain, we don't see the harvest. She said it is important we don't get discouraged when people don't want to hear the message of the Gospel, because just like the Rain never knows how much life here depends upon it, sometimes people we teach won't know how much they needed the rain(us), until later, when they finally understand and accept the harvest. She said, just Plant Seeds and let God worry about the Harvest, have the Faith to be the rain. I love her message, because sometimes it is hard when people don't want to listen to the missionaries, it is hard because we love them so much, we want them to have what we have. So we just keep loving them and hope that one day, God will be able to take care of the Harvest.
     Next Pres. Mecham talked, His whole talk mainly was about "Teach to Touch", he said if the only thing we do is touch someones life, so they feel the spirit, we have been successful, He said to focus on being worthy and prepared ourselves, so that the Spirit can be felt through us.  It has really made me reevaluate myself and see the many things I am lacking in, I have so many things that I need to improve on, so I will work harder at helping people to feel the spirit, and not worry about the rest.
    Next Sis. Ringwood spoke, she talked about the Atonement and what it means to each of us. She also talked about when we are having hard times, not to pray that the Lord will take them away, but that we will be able to endure them, because there is so much we learn when we struggle. She also said help people to be converted to Jesus Christ, not us as missionaries. Because it is Jesus Christ, that can truly help them.
  Next Elder Ringwood spoke, he talked about many different things, the ones that touched me the most were,that we have to follow promptings when they come, don't hesitate, just follow the promptings. He also said to Teach what cannot be taught, in other words, help people to recognize the spirit when they feel it, because it is the Spirit that teaches, not us.
    It was all wonderful, and then I was asked the next day to take Elder and Sister Ringwood and Sis. Mecham out to one of the Branches, so they could meet some of the members, I took them to Nett (Netch), They loved seeing the Nos, where the members meet for church, but even more, they got to meet Sis. Malarma, the branch Pres. wife and her daughter Wellsy (Wellsy is the mother of the little baby that died about a month ago from Chickenpox), they also met Emmwon, (he is the son in law of  Pres. and sis. Malarma. Both Elder and Sister Ringwood, were so gracious and personable, I learned so much about the reaching the One, as I watched them interact with the Malarma family. What an amazing spirit they have with them, It is not hard to see why he is a General Authority, and what a strong , good women, she is.
Elder Ringwood & Pres.Hemmon ( District Pres)

Elder Ringwood presenting the sewing machines

The Pohnpei Zone
     I learned a lot and will keep trying to be better.

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