Sunday, April 8, 2012

2 Funerals and 1 Wedding

     In the last 2 weeks, we have helped with 2 funerals and 1 wedding. They do those a lot differently here. It has been a learning experience. I am continually amazed at these people, how they accomplice just life. Things we take so much for granted at home, so not exist here. Like funeral homes, that prepare the body for burial, here the family has to prepare the body, dig the grave ( most the time with there bare hands, because they can't afford shovels), make all there own arrangements, and then they are expected to feed all the people that come. The family is kept so busy, they don't have time to mourn. It is a lot. I am grateful, we were able to help with a few things. It wasn't much, but it took a little burden off the family.
The Groom, is a member of the Police force

Ivoloni's Mom and Dad, getting married

The Whole family after the wedding

     Weddings are the same, there are no reception centers, or caterers, etc. The couple takes care of everything themselves and it is a lot of work.
     In between all this we have been helping teach a lot of lessons about the Gospel and doing piano and English lessons, teaching Institute, and picking up returning missionaries that have been to Guam for medical problems.
     My favorite part in all the things we do, if when we get to go into peoples homes and share our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit is so strong and it is an amazing feeling. I am grateful that I have the Gospel, and that I can tell other people about it. It is helping me grow a lot.  I am learning so much and I love learning.
    Share the gospel with all your friends and family, all those you love, it can change there lives and you will find that as you share, it will change your life too.

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