Friday, April 20, 2012


    Do you ever have a whole lot of bad days, you wonder sometimes if you really are cut out for what your suppose to do?  Well I have had several days, that have made me pause and wonder if I am cut out for this. Now I know that it is mostly Satan working on me and I know I will get through these things, but when you are right in the middle of it, you really start to doubt yourself. Sometimes I think it is o.k. to have your own little "Pity party", as long as it doesn't go on to long.
     So after several really hard days, I am now going to pull up my bootstraps (not so figuratively speaking, it has really been pouring here) and get on with it. I have always had the philosophy that, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So in the words of the wonderful Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, I will "forget about myself and get to work".
      I know this gospel is true and I will go forward with Faith that my Heavenly Father will continue to help me and watch over me, as long as I do my part. So onward for the Kingdom of God.

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