Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Home Evening

     It is 10:45 p.m. and we just got back from Family Home Evening, with 3 different families.  What a wonderful evening it was.  First we went to Joseph's Home, he has a son that he has not seen for 11 1/2  years, his son has been in prison in Florida, and just got out and was deported back to Pohnpei.  This man has changed his life and is trying to do the right things now.  We also found out that Joseph has another son who has colon cancer and is in the Philippines for surgery right now. Joseph and his wife are taking care of their son's 3 small children.  They were so grateful to have us come to Family Home Evening. We had a wonderful lesson on the Word of Wisdom and the spirit was very strong.  Hearts were softened and all were edified.
   Next we went to a young lady named Meagan's house. That was a really touching experience. They live in very humble circumstances, and yet there they were gathered together, the whole family, except her Dad, having Family Home Evening.  The lesson was on being kind, and I loved it. It was about  not being kind just because we think someone else will notice, but going about doing good, quietly, so that only the Lord knows.  I loved it, I need to work on being kinder and more thoughtful of others. There were 2 sick children there and Meagan's Mom asked Elder LeFevre and the other Elders if they would give the children a Priesthood blessing. Blessings were given and prayers were said. What a great family.
     Last we went to Pres. Conrads house, he is the branch Pres. of Kitti (Kitchi), there gathered in his home were, not only his family, but half of the branch for Family Home Evening. all were sharing what they had learned at the Pacific Area Regional Conference, the things that had touched them the most, they all bore strong testimonies of what they had learned and of the Gospel.
    It was a wonderful evening, we were edified, I was ask to pray at one of the Family Home Evenings and said almost all of the prayer in Pohnpein. It was humbling to see these families gathering together and having Family Home evening, I hope my own children will be gathering there families together tonight and having family home evening with there own families.

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