Sunday, December 25, 2011

Non Madol

The crossing to Non Madol
Sis. Salaiau and Sis. Kennach
Non Madol

Non Madol

Elder Lefevre at Non Madol

We had a district activity and went out to some ruins called Non Madol. These ruins date back to approx. 629 a.d..  We had a great time. It is amazing to me to think how they got these stones here and in place without all the modern equipment we have today. they call this the "Venice" of Pohnpei, because it has waterways that go between buildings, just like in Venice, Italy. The history says that is how they traveled between buildings in the community.  I will add some pictures as soon as I can.
The Bridal Entrance from the Sea at Nalop

Missionary work is so hard on
Elder LeFevre

The Crab Wars (2 Crabs we caught on Nalop)
    For Christmas eve we went out to an island called Nalup, it was about a 15 minute boat ride across the ocean to get to it. It was so fun. We had beaches,  Little huts, to stay in , a old church, It was beautiful. it was a very small island about 1/2 mile long by maybe 100 ft wide. We got there just as the tide was coming in, and the waves were awsome. I will also add picture of Nalup later.
    When we got back we had snacks at the Kjars apartment ( another Sr. couple on the island), then we went to a small church groups gathering. The group is called Pohnrociet, they are not native Pohnpeians, they come from another island and all live in a little community on Pohnpei, they attend the Kolinia branch. they invite the missionaries over every year on Christmas eve and sing to us and give us hand made gifts. It was a beautiful experience.
     All of the active members here are so faithful and strong, but there are many who have fallen away from the church. That is our primary job, to find them and invite them back. I have walked through water up to my waist to get places, through jungle, because the car would not go further, through mud, that permanetly stained my shoes and skirts. All to help teach and find members, who have lost there way. It is such an amazing experience. I am learning  a lot about myself.

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