Friday, December 30, 2011

The Nett branch

     Have I mentioned how much I love these people and this amazing island. Today we hiked in the morning to some old Japanese gun turrets from world war II. It was a little sobering to see them and remember stories my Dad has told me about world war II. He served on Guam and many of these Islands that I am now on during the war. I thought of you, ,,,dad, I hope you figure out how to check on this blog.
     Afterwards, we went out to the Nett(Netch) branch for seminary. We had a little lesson and then we taught them the "Boot Scootin Boogie" they loved it. At the beginning we always sing a song, and oh how these people can sing. The song was I am a Child of God, as we sang, with no piano, the spirit touched me as I looked around at my wonderful Pohmpeins and all the sudden I knew we really are all children of God. No matter where we live, what color our skin it, what language we speak, whether we live in a house on a hill or a little shack with tin walls, dirt floors and a thatched roof, how rich or how poor we are, we are all His children and He wants all of us back home someday.
     I love it here, I love these people, I know the Gospel is true and I am seeing it change lives out here, ours the most and it is an amazing experience.

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