Tuesday, December 20, 2011

new car

Our New Car,  It's a real "fixer upper"
The boat finally got here with our car ( it was late because it got caught in a storm), which is great because we may have to sleep in it. Our "Temporary" apartment sprung a leak. We had water coming in from the light bulb in the ceiling. Our landlord drilled holes in the ceiling and placed buckets on the floor, so the water could drain and not damage the floor. We will search again tomorrow for an apartment.
We went to study our language with Elder Gsau this morning, and then we were suppose to go to teach lessons all day with Elder Davis and Elder Gsau. Elder Davis was still pretty sick trying to pass a kidney stone, so we stayed and helped them for a while. Then we went out to the Mond (pronounced Mont) branch and helped with the seminary lesson and christmas party. these people love to learn the gospel and it is so new to them that we find we have to explain things a lot differently. We depend upon the Lord to give us the right words, so that they can understand. They also love to play games, we played "duck, duck, goose" with them, but changed the words to "Elf, Elf, Santa" for Christmas. They loved it. then we had fried banana's, fried Yam, and fried breadfruit for refreshments. It was wonderful.
Travel here is really fun, no matter which road you take, you end up either in the jungle or next to the ocean. It  is breathtaking. Even when I can post some pictures(we have got  to get more permanent houseing and a more permanent internet) they will not due justice to our little island and the rain is amazing. I love it.
We got back home and found out that Elder Davis decided to try on of the local remedies(don't tell his parents), So we are on call all night, just in case we have to run him to the "emergency room" tonight.
Well time to go again, I can't wait to post some pictures, so stay tuned, you will not believe some of the places we have been and the things we have done.
 One of the branch Presidents, Pres. Ungessol, brought us some banana's he picked from his tree, they are amazing. best we have ever had.

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  1. I'm glad you got your car! I hope you get an apartment soon!!!!