Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Day MTC

Our last day at the MTC, we taught some inactive people today, it was challenging to get to know them and then learn why they had quit going to church and then figure out a lesson to help them feel the spirit again, so they will want to go back.
Our district, left to right, the Carvers, Us, the Normans, Sis. Reese( our teacher)
the Pattersons, and the Jenkins.
We have had the greatest district, there were the Patterson's, they are going to the Chicago Mission, then the Normans, they are going to either the bolivia or the columbia temple to serve( i get the 2 country's mixed up, please forgive me Elder and Sister Norman if you are reading this), then the Carver's, they are going to the New York Utica mission, and then the Jenkins, they are going to the West Indies Mission. we are all going for 2 years. we have grown to love our wonderful partners in this work.

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