Sunday, October 7, 2012

WOW, The Lord speaks through His Prophet

     So by now most, if not all, of you have heard the amazing announcement about missionaries. Well, let me share with you some of my feelings.
     Yesterday morning Elder LeFevre and I got up and were able to listen to a little of conference while we were getting ready for church. ( Our General Conference will be in 2 weeks, that is how long it take to get the disk to us with the language translations on them) I don't think I can explain the spirit that I felt as we found out the changes for missionaries. My first thought was, The Lord is coming soon and He needs to speed up the work of taking His Gospel to all the earth. So He has provided a way. Let sisters missionaries go at age 19 and elders at age 18, if graduated from High School.  I can imagine that the bishops and branch presidents in the church are very busy this week, as they have a flood of elders and sisters that are ready and prepared to go and serve the Lord. Then another thought went through my mind. WE ARE GOING TO NEED TO DOUBLE THE SENIOR MISSIONARY FORCE IN THE WORLD.
     Let me explain and make a plea to all couples who are willing to make the sacrifices to come and serve the Lord. So If you are a Sr. couple, have parents or grandparents or friends and neighbors, bosses, etc, If you even know anyone that is in the Sr. couple age , please encourage them to come and serve the Lord.
      One of our favorite things out here is working with the Elders and Sisters teaching in homes. Also one of our biggest jobs is helping them when they get sick, or homesick, or struggle with the rigors of missionary life. Many times we are like "grandpa and grandma " to the younger missionaries and we love it. As we bring a younger set of missionaries out to the field, they mostly likely will have never left home before. They will struggle a little as they learn and grow. We can help them through those hard times, so they don't get discouraged. Also, I picture in the next 4 to 6 months the missionary force in the church doubling. We NEED help. The Lord Needs you Sr. Couples out there to come and serve Him.
      Is it hard? YES, BUT SO WORTH IT.  Are there days when you, yourself get so homesick for your children and grandchildren that you want to pack up and go to them. YES. That is when you remember the words of Pres. Hinckleys father and "forget yourself and go to work"  I PROMISE YOU, THAT AS YOU PUT THE LORD FIRST, HE REALLY DOES WATCH OVER YOUR FAMILY AND BLESS THEM MORE THEN YOU EVER COULD. AND THEY WATCH OVER AND BLESS EACH OTHER AS THE LORD STRENGTHENS THEM.
       I love the Lord, I love my family. I know the Lord loves my family and knows what they need so much better then I do. The Lord needs all the help He can get as we take His gospel to all the world. The time is short and we need ALL THE LABORERS SO HE CAN FINALLY PROCLAIM " THE WORK IS FINISHED"  IT IS TRUE, YOU HAVE TESTIMONIES, YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS.  PLEASE COME.

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  1. The change in the missionary age is such a blessing for us and Kyle. He has just been anxiously waiting for his birthday to get here so he could go serve and now he doesn't have to wait!! He is already getting his papers ready and could easily be gone a month or more before his birthday. He is so excited. What an inspired blessing for our family and many more!