Sunday, October 7, 2012

Awalt and Sis. Hemmon

       We have had a busy week, besides all the Institute, YSA, Piano, English  and missionary lessons, we had 2 people, we have really come to love, go into the hospital this week. First we heard that Sis. Hemmon was in the hospital and was really sick. So we went and visited her, it took about 4 days, but they finally were able to find out part of the problem and she is now home and on the mend, although she still has to see another Dr. to figure out another problem. Please keep her in your prayers. She is our District Pres. wife, and an amazing women. She is always helping others, even when she is so busy herself. She always makes the time to serve who ever needs it. She shared with me her conversion story, as we were sitting visiting in the  hospital and WOW. what a great lady. She inspired me to do better.
Awalt, the day after surgery

Awalt and his mom

Pres. Hemmon, our District Pres., what a great man

finding Sis. Hemmon

Beautiful Sis. Hemmon, what an amazing lady

The hospital

when you come to the hospital, you provide your own bedding and things
that you may need, and a person to stay with you to take care
of you. They sleep on the floor next to your bed.

the curtains, that divide the beds, for a little privacy

Elder Gasu, after he took some medicine for his shoulder
we took him and Elder Hanson home, so he could rest.
   Then we also had one of the young men in the Sapwalap branch in the hospital. He had to have a hernia operation. He was really nervous. So when he ask for a blessing Elder LeFevre and Pres.Hemmon gave him one. He came through the surgery well, and is now recovering.
       Then our own Elder Gasu was injured on his bike, he will have to have physical therapy for a few weeks
       Please keep him and Sis. Hemmon, and Awalt  in your prayers.

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