Sunday, October 14, 2012

The River and Sakaau

     So there is this bridge that we have to cross every time we go out to Nett, which is often. Well the bridge is really old and does not look very stable and Elder LeFevre thinks it is funny to stop in the middle of the bridge, because I don't like it. Well he had to go out to Nett by himself Sunday  so he stopped and took some pictures. It really is very pretty, when you are off the bridge.
     He also had to take a picture of that Sakaau bottles that are for sale everywhere, every night. It is the local drink, that makes people drunk. They sell it in coolers along side the road every night  That is how a lot of families make there money. It is kind of sad, that they have to make money off something that makes others loose control of themselves. They make it by pounding a muddy root with rocks on a stone, adding water to thin it a little and then they strain it into bottles. It looks like gross, muddy, thick sludge. I honestly don't know how they drink it.
The river

 Also, the stop sign, that is hand  made.


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