Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trying to sneak away did not work...........................

Mand Branch

Sweet Sis Peters, I love this lady

A quick game of "elastics" while we wait.....................

Then Musical chairs

A new headpiece for Elder LeFevre, They all gave us the most
beautiful gifts.

The Andon family singing to us

Our crazy partners in crime,  love these guys, we are
already planning a trip when they get home in a year.

2 beautiful girls, Jessica & Lolain, we love them, they
are both such a strength to the branch,


Elder Nanson, showing us how he can raise 1 eyebrow

Elder Gardner
      We thought we would just sneak away when the time came for us to go home. We did not want a big fuss made, and we did not want these wonderful people spending what little they had on a party for us, so we have not told very many people when we leave. But, somehow word got out, and these amazing people, we love so much have been throwing us parties. They are so kind and loving, and it is there way of saying goodbye to us and one last chance for us to bear our testimonies of the Gospel and this work of Salvation.
     We got pictures from parties in Palikir, Kolonia, Sapwalap, Mand, Wone/Rohi, Uh,  and then our camera started having problems and erased our pictures from Nett, some of our Kitti goodbyes, and Sekerra goodbyes.
     It is very hard to say goodbye..........................
The UH Branch, at the Epina's house, we have spent a lot of
FHE's here, and helped Sister Marlene Epina get ready for a mission,
She will return in March

Patterson Epina

I love the decorations
One last FHE at Jovania's

Jovania gave us a great surprise, she has been practicing her Piano,
and she play our opening song, with both hands. 

They made us beautiful flowers

Then off to Pohnrockiet for 1 last FHE,
we spent our very first FHE here, with the wonderful
Kiranese People, it seemed only right we spend our last.

The Duiai's, always so welcoming,
we love this amazing group of people.

Sweet Mama Sarina

The wonderful Tims

Jack Epina, it was Jack's birthday, so we took him a cake

Our dinner

Jack Yakana & Pres. Kalio, Kolonia Branch party

Sis Yakana, what an amazing lady, we love this family

Jeanette Simran, she leaves for her missin this week,
Tasha & Yuki

Pres. Ramon and his family

Bro. Lawrence, their granddaughter, Demi, is serving a mission
in Australia Sydney North mission

The Pohnrockiet people

Part of Our Institute Class in Palikir
Palikir Branch, singing to us
Palikir Branch
Palikir Branch
Sekerre Branch
Sekerre Branch
Sekerre Branch
Sekerre Branch, they needed to build a coffin while we were there, the burial is tomorrow
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Sekerre Branch,  Sis George, Sis. Edward
Sapwalap Branch
Leilene, Meryleen, and me

Some of our Young Adults at Sapwalap ( all will turn in mission papers in the spring)
Nett Branch
Sis. Komra & Sis Roberts, stopped by to say goodbye
The Williams stopped by to say goodbye

Sweet, Sis Yakana, Granddaughter Joni, is serving a mission in the Philippines

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