Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Wow, we got to spend Thanksgiving with all our children and grandchildren and Mom and Dad Desmond. As I looked around the table I felt such overwhelming gratitude for the amazing family I have been blessed with.
We also opened Christmas presents, since we won't be here for Christmas, it was so much fun, the grandkids, thought that was great. I think we might be in trouble when we get back in 2 years, if we don't have Christmas presents on Thanksgiving again.
Lydia's first Christmas Ornament

Enzo, sure loves his pop

Opening Christmas Presents

Yea, presents on Thanksgiving, is this cool or what?
Mom and Dad thanksgiving 2011

 Some of our extended family came to see us friday and saturday, we had a wonderful visit with Reed & Lissa LeFevre and Eileen & Brian Kasteler ( Alan's family) on Friday and then on Saturday we had a get together with my family. Mom & Dad, Phil & Linda, Vickie & Sheldon, Lynette & Paul, and Dean & Janine. It was nice to get to have some time to visit before we leave. I just have one murmer, it was like we are dying, and we are not dying, just going to serve the Lord for 2 years, we will be back.

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